Check it.  These are the Clement boys and they are all fun, all good times, and all about getting dirty!  As we went into the firehouse I threw out the standard warning about the dirty floors, and encouraged them to try not to get dirty.  Jill their mom, one of the funniest moms in the world, added that they shouldn’t get too dirty.  Well…they did.

Meet Oliver, Jonah, and Hayden.

I think you’ll notice little Jonah was the object of my focus.  I didn’t know it at the time, but he definitely inspired me.  What a doll!  Love this boy!

Oliver did this the whole time!  Perfection!

A little guy with big dreams!

Notice the dirty leg, and this was the start of it.  By the time these boys left Oliver’s hand was black.  Seriously black!

LIGHT!!!  I would eat light 3 times a day…if I could.  It’s delicious.

And then while chatting with Jill and Mark the boys decided to be turtles.  I had to capture it!

The Clements are clients that became friends!  I love the whole darn family to pieces.  I just with I could take their pictures more often!