Meet the Snow Family!

4 adorable boys, 2 of which are twins.  When Nikki and John decided to have a third child they didn’t expect to have a fourth as well.  🙂  Nikki’s mom was a twin, but after two kids she thought the twin gene had skipped her.  But really it was just waiting until she was ready.  Even after many sleepless nights and days of chaos with 2 young boys running around the house, Nikki seemed calm, at ease, and happy.  I am unofficially naming her the momma of the year.

Just like my nephews these boys are rowdy!  It’s really remarkable that we were able to get this shot!  LOVE IT!

This shoot was split into two sessions.  One at their home where we could get the whole family, and one at my studio, where the little guys, Dean and Brian could get some serious cuddle time.

This is just how the boys were in womb. Brian just wanted to sleep and Dean was all looking around the whole time.

Tiny pirate smile.

What a great team!  Seriously, they work like a cruise ship staff.  Communication without words, helping without being asked, and patience even on no sleep.

I love this family and can’t wait to do their pictures again soon!