Take 2 parts wild blondes, and one part adorable happy 5 month old and what do you get?  Picture perfection!  And that’s just what I got to experience on Saturday morning with the famous Shaer family!

And you gotta love the missing tooth.  If only she could lose both for Christmas.

This is George after his momma’s maiden name.  I love it when parents take a family name and make it a first name.

Hi George, you are oh so cute even though you were really tired during our shoot.  Thanks for being a trooper!

What you don’t see is that the two girls were swarming, hanging, and pulling on Gina during this pic.  She just keep on keeping on.

George likes to do push ups!

I love love love my job!  I have to remind myself every day that this really is my life!  OH SO LUCKY!  I love you Schaer family!  Here’s to many more crazy shoots!