For 7 years is was just Chase and his parents.  And he loved it.  There was always a quiet part of him that hoped to have a sibling, but he soaked up his parents love like a sponge, and didn’t complain.  Maybe that’s what makes it so easy for him to love his new little brother Evan.  Of course there’s a tiny part of him that is having a hard time sharing his parents, he’s never had to.  But a much bigger part of him understands that this quiet, sleeping, sometimes crying, little baby, will grow up to be his best friend.

These boys are outside, farm, cowboys.  I have no doubt Evan will be the same.

Look at those eyes!  Not many newborns are this beautiful!

And then at the end of the shoot Evan passed out.  Floppy baby style, so I played.  He was perfect!

I am so happy for the Okerstroms.  Their family is complete.  Love you guys!