Merry Christmas ya’ll!  I’m frantically trying to keep up with all the shoots I’ve been doing during this holiday season!  So this blog is just for fun!  I couldn’t resist sharing some photos of these 2 perfectly adorable baby girls!  I hope you enjoy!

Check out the dimples.

And you wouldn’t know it from these pics, but at first she was super shy and unsure of me.  Yah, that didn’t last.  She was all grins during our shoot.

It’s the little things I notice and love about babies.  Like the way she’s furrowing her eyebrows.  Like she’s concerned.


And then little K with her energetic 2 year old ways.  I had to give her a sucker to try to get her to stop moving.  It worked, but just long enough to get this pic.  🙂

“Wait…where did I leave my purse?”

“Whatever take my pic and get it over with!”  Haha

Oh how I love my job.  I crack up the WHOLE time!