There are definitely some tricks to getting a newborn to relax and feel comfortable during a shoot, and today I want to share those with you.  Not having kids of my own, I have learned these little jewels of knowledge through experience, and I would love to help someone else skip a few of my stumbles.

First of all, I only shoot in the first 9 days.  After that, they seem to wake up and squirm, and cry, and not like to be put in uncomfortable positions.  So when a mother to be contacts me I schedule the session for about a week after her due date, and typically during the week so I have a little more wiggle room.  I think they are the very best between 4 and 7 days old, but I also want the new parents to feel comfortable traveling.

A few days before the shoot I tell the parents to try to wear the little one out the morning of the shoot, by giving them a bathe, going to a friends house, or just taking a walk.  This is so hard, almost impossible, and I know you really can’t entertain a newborn, let alone wear them out, but it’s the effort that counts, and sometimes it works, and the babes come to me all ready for a couple hours of floppy sleep.  🙂

I also tell the moms to feed about an hour before our shoot so they are in between feedings when they arrive.  If need be, we can start with feeding, but usually after a car ride they are good for a few shots, and sometimes a whole session.  But, my general rule is to get them as full as a tick.  The fuller the better.

The day of the shoot the baby really dictates the mood and pace.  I have a massage table blanket warmer, like this one here.  A white noise maker, like this one here.  And lots of blankets and wraps to swaddle the little one.  I also have a baby poser from Bella bun.  I love it to pieces, and the babies seem to as well.  I’ve even had parents tell me they were going to buy their own bella bun!

There is really no right way to comfort a newborn since they are all so different, it’s really just about being patient, maintaining a positive attitude and having fun, because really even if the baby is fussy and cries the whole session I always end up getting some good shots, and I’m doing what I love.  And really, what else matters?

I hope this helps, happy shooting!