As much as I love taking pictures of babies, I equally enjoy taking pictures of seniors in high school.   Maybe it’s the age, or the substance of the session, but really I think it’s the hope.  I’m capturing hope and dreams, and fear, and uncertainty all balled up inside a kid about to become and adult.  I love it, I love hearing their stories, their hopes, their dreams.  This week I had the opportunity to photograph a beautiful senior.  Meet Lyndsay.

She has a quiet beauty.  Like she’s taking it all in while looking into your soul for the answers.  Lyndsay told me she wants to be a chemical engineer.  She’s the top of her class, sings in the choir, and my favorite, she plays on the tennis team!

An all American girl, and at first all I saw was cute, beautiful, bubbly senior.  But as the shoot progressed I felt a much deeper person.  She’s old for her years, and ready to change the world.

Lyndsay you are beautiful inside and out.  I hope you love the pics as much as I loved taking them!