He was coined, “the king of the NICU”, because he was 7lbs and 21 inches long even through he was 7 weeks early.  Meet little Henry, he was born with a variety of problems that kept him in the NICU for many weeks.  His parents Travis and Andrea were so strong during those testing times, when they weren’t even allowed to touch Henry,  but he’s all better now, and thriving, and adorable!  Maybe it’s because he still hadn’t reached his due date during this shoot, but he slept the whole session!  And I was in heaven.

Look at all that chub.  Could you even imagine him being in mama still?  Oh my.

Did you know babies were born with wrinkles?  Yah, I never really thought about it before.  So cute!

Henery, I’m so happy you finally made it in to me, and that you’re so healthy!

I can’t wait to see how much you grow!