It’s hard to believe, but it’s that time again, time to look at the good ol’ goals.  This year flew by so I guess my first goal would be to make time slow down a bit.  It’s frightening when I think about how fast time is going by.   The good news, life is good, great really.  Ok here goes nothing!

1. Grow my business, I mean really grow my business. That means following up with clients, asking them for referrals, and being brave enough to put myself out there. Part of this will come from being a part of a business networking group.  

This will always be a goal.  However, this year I rented two different studio locations which have been perfect and good for business.  I think it makes me look and feel more legit.  I have a sign!  🙂  Jon has taken on the job of CFO.  haha  He hopes to restructure my processes. I hope that works out.  

2. Run a photography workshop, I want to share what I know with others, and hopefully learn something too.

In 2012 I hope to add another workshop to the linkup and possible plan a wedding workshop.

New Goals…

3. I’m working with some of the most ambitious women in the world to start a charter school for kids with low IQ’s.  They receive no help in the public school setting and it’s just not fair to anyone.  I still have a very soft spot for teaching and I hope to help if I can.

4. I have an invention I’m working on.  It’s slow going, but one little step at a time.  I hope to have a working prototype this year.

5. Jon and I are building a shopping cart for photogs.  It’s in the BETA phase, but we want to share it for free with options to upgrade.

6. Still need to find someone to help out with the workload, but I’m getting so close.

7. I hope to get more commercial work.  I need to put myself out there.


2011 challenged me, pushed me, rewarded me, and helped me see that ANYTHING is possible.

Happy New Year!  May all your dreams come true in the next 12 months!