It’s taken my forever to share theses images with you, and even after I had them picked and ready it still took a long time.   I battle the need to identify my style as a photographer ALL THE TIME.  So you can imagine, picking images can be hard.  It’s crazy, because really I’m just a girl takin’ pics, and someone in the same place, at the same time, might have a totally different perspective.  Screw style.  This is how I see the world.

Bolivia, a land of lost hope, beautiful settings, divided people, and dried up salty seas.

Check out the crosswalk sign.  Proof that aliens really do exist.  They’re just hiding out in Bolivia.

The picture on the left is Ali my wonderful friend and fellow photographer.  We met in Santa Fe at a workshop, and she invited me to come stay in Bolivia with her and her wonderful family.  I loved every second!   Oh and she rides horses, yah, we were BFF’s immediately!

These pics were taken on the Island Del Sol.  It’s considered a living museum because the people here are Incas and live off the island in all the traditional ways.

The sign says pick up your trash.  However, there’s dog pooh right in front.  These small things are just jokes from the universe.

On the left is what Jon and I saw when we walked out the front door of our villa.

In the back of the church of Copacabana there is a room where people can light candles and pray, make wishes, or send good luck.  The pictures we captured were amazing

These are the traditional outfits of Bolivian women.

People come from all over the bless their car.  How fun!

This guy climbed all the way down to say hello.  Couldn’t resist sharing.

This popcorn was a lot like kettle corn.

Did you notice all the kids have red pants.  I didn’t until I picked these pics.

Copacabana, Bolivia

Llamas were very popular in Bolivia, and actually run wild.  I loved it, however I would never leave my llama this close to a cliff.  Dangerous!

We got to watch a traditional Inca ceremony.

That’s Lake Titicaca in the background!  One of the most famous lakes in the world.

A wild llama!  So beautiful!

Yah, no lie!

Downtown Bolivia

This gets sad.  Llama fetuses.  I never got a clear answer as to how the get the fetuses, but apparently they are good luck if you bury them in the foundation of your house when you build it.  This is in the Witches Market, just down the street from a huge Catholic Church.  I love Bolivia!

Me on the moon!  Or in the Salar de Uyuni.  A humongous salt flat.  So big that you can see it from space.  I’m so glad it’s not in the US.  This thing is totally unregulated, natural, and real!

It’s crazy but in the dry season the salt dries into a pentagon shape.  Pentagons everywhere!

Jon’s pic of our hotel.  It was made out of salt!

Salt pile!

My favorite!  I hope you love them!