“I had lunch with a gal today who is a photographer and made the mistake of asking her if she knew you. She said there are like 5000 photographers in KC…:) “

This was in a message from one of my friends.  She went on to talk about tennis and what not, but her first words struck me, and I wasn’t so sure why so I had to go back and reread them again.  It made me wonder  how I respond when someone asks me if I know so and so photographer.  I always listen, and if I haven’t heard of them, I say no I haven’t heard of them, where are they from, I’ll have to look them up.

There may very well be 5000 photographers in Kansas City.  Although I’ve never looked for that information.  I can also assume there are probably 5000 doctors, 5000 lawyers,  5000 teachers, and 5000 business men and women.  Maybe even 5000 plumbers, 5000 real estate agents, 5000 financial planners.

Each of which has a special gift.  Maybe it’s their talent in the field they have chosen, maybe it’s the dedication to their clients, maybe it’s the way they make their work environment a better place, but all of them offer something different.  Which sets them apart.

All photographers offer something different too.  I have a special bond with my clients.  I make them feel like family.  I know it’s my gift.  I choose to focus on that rather than the awesome KC photogs that some would consider my competition.

5000 is just a number.  Scarcity is just a word.  Believing in yourself is a feeling.  A feeling that is real.

I hope these pics make you smile the way they made me smile.