I think everyone knows I love my job, in fact, I feel lucky every day I get to photograph  these priceless moments.  But, on this particular day, the day I got to photograph Reagan, I felt even more lucky that usual!  Momma Heather had been referred to another photographer for pictures, but scheduling conflicts sent Heather back to the drawing board where she stumbled upon my website.  Lucky me!

Oh, and a cool tidbit, Heather is a doctor and my mom was her doctor when she was growing up.  Now I get to be Reagan’s photog.  Keepin’ it in the fam.

Typically I like to do newborn pics in the first 9 days because the babies are oh so easy, and sleepy, and perfect.  But Reagan was a small baby just 6 pounds at birth, so she still looked like a newborn, and she still acted like a newborn.  Lucky me!

She was pretty much chilled out the whole shoot!  I loved every second.

Little eyelashes.

Oh Reagan I don’t know what you’re dreaming about, but you were a dream during our shoot!  I can’t wait to watch you grow up right in front of my camera.