5 year olds might be the most perfect age for pictures.  They have developed their unique personality, they are usually good listeners, and love having their picture taken.  Not to mention they still have that magical wonder for life.  Alyssa was no exception.  In fact, she was complete perfection!  She gave me her all, and I was able to capture her big and beautiful personality.  Just check it out!

Alyssa’s grandma Kim, made her 5th birthday so special.  Hair, nails, and pictures.  What a lucky little lady.

She is all silly and fun, but then makes faces like this!  Fierce and sweet!

Totally sassy here!  Watch out world!

We snapped a real quick pic of grandma and granddaughter.  Yah!  I know Kim looks like her mother.  Great GENES!

Alyssa, you’re a doll baby and I had a blast taking your pictures.  I hope you are forever strong, confident and ready to have fun in the blink of an eye.  Please come back to do pics with me again soon!