I love taking maternity pictures!  I mean I really really love taking maternity pictures.  Pregnant women are beautiful and it’s not really about the bump, but what’s going on inside.  I mean they are making another little person and it’s amazing!  Not only that, but all pregnant women glow.  And I love capturing those moments.  I also love that I still do my maternity pictures in my house.  My new studio is awesome, but I feel like I get closer to my clients when they come to my house.  This below picture is taken in my bedroom.  People walk into my house as strangers and out as friends.  I love it!

Meet Kelli.  She’s one of the lucky ones that somehow maintained her figure while she was pregnant.  I do help the new mommas out with a little photoshop here and little there, but not necessary here.  Kelli you rock!  We laughed, told stories, and I tripped over cords because I was so distracted by this fun couple.  That’s a lie, I always trip over my equipment.  But this shoot was so much fun!

Hubby Adam was so much fun to work with.  It’s always the best when the dad’s are just as much fun to photograph!

Beautiful light!

I’m kinda getting into out of focus pictures on purpose.  It’s a phase I’m sure, but I’m diggin it!

Then baby Corbin arrived.

And slept like a dream!

Kelli smiled the whole time!

And Adam was a natural.

First family portraits are one of my favorites to capture.

I know I started by saying I love maternity pictures, but I also love those sweet moments during newborn sessions when the parents are all lost in their baby.  I love my job!

Thanks Kelli, Corbin, and Adam  for making my dream a reality!