You can feel it.  The excitement for the end of the school year.  Everything turns green, it starts getting warmer out, and kids at school turn their brains off for summer break.  For seniors in high school, the anticipation of the end of the year is on another  level…senioritis.  We all had it, even the most dedicated students.  The idea of being done with public education, and moving on, is too much.  So when I photograph seniors,  I see a twinkle in their eye.  It’s small but it’s there, and it’s my goal to capture it.  That love for life that only happens those months before they graduate high school.

Chris was all smiles, and he definitely had a twinkle.  He was a superb model and a complete gentleman, with the confidence of someone much older.  It probably comes from all those years of strict practice behind the piano, or maybe the hours on stage competing with perfect poise in forensics.  And of course, it could have been his adoring parents Julie and Paul that helped this senior make it.  Congrats Chris.  You have so much more to achieve, I wish you the best of luck.  Remember to live in the moment, those college years will fly by, and they are oh so fun!

What a stud!  Nominated for prom king and I see why!

Chris spends much of his time teaching other kids how to play the piano.  So awesome!