The shoot started just like any other newborn shoot, with a sleepy baby in the arms of an adoring new mom.  Everything seemed normal, but as we progressed little Riddik started spitting up.  A lot.  Jason and Kathleen looked worried, and I assured them I see tons of newborn that spit up all over place.  I tried to comfort them by explaining it was probably something Kathleen had for dinner, that had his stomach upset.  But Kathleen’s ancient motherly instincts were telling her otherwise.  And she was right.

As it turns out, my mom is Riddik’s pediatrician and he had been to see her that morning.  Everything looked fine, but as the day progressed he was keeping less and less food down.  So by evening they made the decision to take Riddik to the hospital.  He had surgery for intestinal mal-rotation done and is 100% great now, but it was a very trying time for the new parents.

I’m just so happy Riddik is on the road to recovery, and that I get to be a part of this strong little boys life!

Kathleen you are such a natural at motherhood!

Just look at all those wrinkles.  Adorable!

Since the pictures my mom has seen Riddik and he is gaining weight and growing all the time!  So happy for this family!