Lately I’ve been feeling like Allison Carenza Photography needs a new look.  A makeover if you will.  Especially when it comes to the website.  I’ve been battling back and forth on how to organize my gallery.  I want my potential clients or fans to really get a sense of my work when they view my website.  So I’m thinking about throwing out the generic (everybody’s doin’ it) gallery labels like bellies, babies, and boudoir, and going for something personal, like words that represent my style, like close, clean and confident.  But with every big change in business there’s big fear.  Like what if I can’t convey the message, or what if they aren’t seeing what they want to see.  Oh my it never ends.  But they I look at pictures like this and I realize this is what I’m about.  Real moments with real people!

If there is anyone out there reading this that has feedback or advice, I’d love your input.  Here’s what I need to know.  What do you look for when you search for a photographer?  What do you like to see?  What makes you look at more pictures?  Would it be totally confusing if I didn’t have labels on my galleries that clearly stated the types of pictures I take, but more so defined the style of pictures I take.

Have a beautiful day my friends!




Close, Real, Fabulous!