I love people!  I really do.  All people, even the mean ones, and I think it gives me a real edge when I’m photographing them.  You see, I spend a lot of time interacting with my subjects, getting them to relax so they look comfortable in front of the camera, and I’m good at it, real good.  But over time I’ve developed a 6th sense, and even more powerful tool.  It’s like, I don’t just see the beauty in my subjects, but I also feel it.  And there are these moments when I see the real person, the spirit in the body.  Those are the moments I hope to capture.  They are sometime quick, fleeting and hard to capture.  But it’s my goal with people of all ages and sizes.

With Matt it was really easy to capture his real person, and we clicked immediately, mostly because he has the warmest, kindest spirit, but also because when I smiled at him, he smiled back, real, and honest.

Check it out.

I put this one is because it was Matt’s fav.  He’s a big time ball player so it’s all about the hat.

Matt you brought it and I had a blast taking your pics.  Have fun in college, and try to change the world while you’re at it!