I am giddy with big news!  Can you hear my smile?

 I am more than excited to introduce Victoria Howell!  The newest member of the AC photography team.  Victoria is a student at the International Art Institute of KC in Lenexa.  She graduates in March, with a bachelors degree in photography.

I love Victoria’s amazing eye, I love her work ethic, I love how she interacts with kids, and their parents, I love that she understands that light is the most important aspect of photography, and I love that she is willing to learn and grow because deep down she wants to be the best.  Her best!

The fact that Victoria has oodles of natural talent in photography makes her a great fit,  but what I really love about her, is that she’s a farm girl.  No really, she grew up in little, tiny, Syracuse, KS.  Her dad is a wheat farmer and she has 3 rowdy brothers, 1 older, and 2 younger.  She’s pretty much a tomboy turned artist.  In the summers  she still goes home for a few weeks to help with Harvest.  Did I mention she drives a gigantic truck.  Yup!  My kind of girl!

Even though she loved her childhood, Victoria never had dreams of being a farmer like her dad.  In fact, when she was in school she wanted to be a Chemist, and then a pro golfer.  She competed at the collegiate level in golf, and she’s really great.  But eventually she realized her passion was in photography, so she abandoned her first camera, a Looney Tunes camera that she got when she was nine to pursue her dreams.

However, convincing her dad that photography was a real job, was not so easy.  She had to make a spreadsheet with a business breakdown before he would support her decision to be an artist.  She’s a smart girl, and her dad wanted her to be happy, so he agreed to help her with her college.  I’m really impressed with Victoria’s determination.  I wish I would have been brave enough to pursue my dream earlier.

 Victoria is currently assisting in shoots, helping with editing, and will soon be taking on some shoots of her own.  In fact.  On July 22nd we will be hosting a summer themed day of mini sessions.  Stay tuned for details.

Meet Victoria!!!!