Just a short drive apart.  That’s how Kelly and Tommy lived when they were in college at MU.  Just a short drive apart.  Maybe a couple of miles, but their paths didn’t cross in college, it wasn’t until they were back home in the city they love, St. Louis, that they met.  It was a mutual friend that introduced them, the sparks flew, but nothing came of it, and again the timing just wasn’t right.  But the universe was determined to bring these two together, so month later on halloween when Kelly was dressed as a naughty and irresistible devil, Tommy decided this time he wasn’t going to let her go.  And he didn’t.

Their love is easy, and perfect.  The perfect pair at the perfect time.

Preparations started early on Saturday morning.  8am early.  And despite the good times the bridal party had the night before, everyone was there, and in good spirits.

Kelly you were glowing all day!

They were seriously this happy!  I wanted to wrap all the bridesmaids in pretty tissue paper and take them home with me.  What a fun group!

SISTERS!  I was lucky enough to have photographed this same group of beautiful sister about 6 years ago?  They are even more beautiful now!

Jon took this one!  He’s so talented!

Tommy seeing his bride for the first time.  I don’t think he even noticed me.  He was totally in the moment, and captivated by Kelly.

Kelly is  a devote Catholic and wanted all the traditions of a full Mass.  It was a beautiful ceremony.

So much joy!

Tommy wanted to go take pics in front of the Scottrade Center.   He’s a huge Blues fan!

And since we were right by the arch we thought why not.  The challenge for me was navigating around the 7 other bridal parties.  We were  like out of there pronto.  But I’m glad we got the shot.

These two just kept getting cuter and cuter!

Kelly you are stunning!

This picture totally represents Kelly.  Sweet, kind, caring, compassionate.  Pure love.

And fun!  Tommy is all “What?  You are adorable.”

First dance.  Look at their love.  Easy, pure, natural.

A big thanks to the staff at Moulin for making this event run so smoothly.

I’m so happy the universe had a plan for these two.  They are awesome apart, but even better together!