Smizing!  It’s alway my goal.  To get the smile to travel all the way up to the eyes.  Not an easy feat with kids that have been saying “cheese” for years, but I try my hardest to find that smile in the eyes.  In fact, I don’t settle for less.  When I’m looking through the camera I’m waiting for that moment.  The real one, where the subject feels connected to me, to the camera, and to the moment.

And then there are real moments when I’m taking pictures like this one below.  There is nothing I could have said or done to get them to do this so perfectly.

Really!  Oh Roark you are so perfect!  This is a prime example of smizing.  He even bypassed the mouth and went straight to the eyes.  I love it!

“Ladies Ladies, one at a time.”

Oh boy!  Life is good!  I love photographing these kids!