When Robin called to tell me she needed to schedule her daughter Maggie’s senior pictures I just knew it was going to be a great shoot.  Anyone with the name Maggie has a fabulous personality.  And as it turns out I was right!

Maggie was shy, sweet and quiet, but by the end of the shoot her confident diva was out and ready to show the world who she really is.  So as the sun slipped down past the skyline I grabbed these last few images.  Some of my favorites.  Confident, Beautiful!

I’m not sure what I liked more, getting to photograph this beautiful senior, or watching her work it for the camera!

I’m always looking for the most amazing light, and between two downtown buildings I was able to find it.  With just and umbrella to bounce light I am in love with this shot.

I think this was momma Robin’s favorite.

And this was MY Maggie’s favorite. Of course I had to show her the pics!

I love photographing seniors in high school.  I love helping them shine.  I love capturing a portrait that will last a lifetime as a landmark in a long line of important events.