I titled this blog post irresistible because that’s exactly how Ryan and Lindsey looked at each other on their wedding day.  Like the other was irresistible.   You’ll see in the images.  Lots of kissing, lots of touching, and lots of closeness.  Like they find the other, simple irresistible.

Let me start at the beginning.  When I arrived at the hotel to get some pictures of Lindsey getting ready I could see she was anxious, and excited, and glowing.  Her sweet bridesmaids hustled and bustled around her making sure everything was in it’s place for their perfect day.

Then just before putting her own dress on, Lindsey dressed her daughter Hailee.  I captured this sweet moment just in time.

Lindsey you are gorgeous!

Lindsey and Ryan opted for the first look so they could get plenty of time for pictures.  I’ve photographed a lot of first looks, but this one gave me chills and tears.  These two wouldn’t stop looking at each other.  I think they would have stood there all day if we hadn’t told them it was time to move on.

The reception was located at Terrace on the Green.  A beautiful location in Leawood, KS.

Coolest wedding party ever!

 Oh you two!  So cute!

 I’m always drawn to the little ones at weddings, and these two were cracking me up!

This wedding was about more than the union of two people, so during the ceremony Ryan presented Hailee with a necklace, and they both were all smiles.  And for the rest of us, there wasn’t a dry eye in the room.

The happy little family!  Hailee adores Ryan, and he treats her like a princess.

 Lots of laughter and tears at the wedding reception.  Everyone believes in their love.  So. Much. Joy.

 Lindsey and Ryan I have no doubt you will make such an awesome team for Hailee.  And I’m sure you’ll make time to expand your family.  You have more than enough love!  I absolutely loved every second of photographing your wedding.  Thank you for letting me be a part of such a special day.