I can’t get enough of newborns.  In fact, if it’s been a few days I miss them.  I love photographing the littlests.  Ok, I might have made that word up, but doesn’t it perfectly describe newborns.  Littlests.  I think so.

Here are a few littlests I’ve photographed lately.


When the awesome parents showed me the truck I was immediately pumped.  Then I looked down at little this big guy and felt a little worried.  But I think it came out perfectly!

 He might not be a construction worker, but maybe a lifeguard.

 Or maybe little Brody will take after his dad and be a firefighter!

Whatever he does, I’m sure he’ll be good at it.  He’s strong with strong parents.

 And then there’s little Alex.  All sleep smilin’.

 And just hanging out.

And looking like a little angel.  I adore this boy!

My job is pretty amazing.  Even when the pee on me, or poop on my blankets.  It’s soooo worth it.  I get to capture this more precious time!