Meet baby Griffin!  He was the first baby born at Centerpointe Hospital this year!

A new year’s baby born early.  In fact he’s supposed to still be in his momma Beth for another week!  He spent the first 2 weeks of life getting nurtured in the NICU until he was strong enough to go out on his own.  Griffin was a model newborn model!  He just wanted to sleep which was great for me, I loved every second I got to spend with him!

This hat belonged to Griffin’s great grandpa who sadly passed away the day after his birth.  While I was working with Griffin, Beth and her mom Georgene opened their hearts to tell me the story of the hat and the passing of their loved one.  I looked up to see tears in their eyes.  It’s moments like this that I will never forget.  A bitter sweet time for this family.  I send my love to them for their loss.

 Beth and Hubby Justin met in a bar, had their first date in a bar, and did some of their wedding pictures in a bar, so it seemed only fitting that the newborn pics be taken in a bar, but instead we brought some of the bar to the studio.

Itty Bitty Baby smiles make my life complete!

Yup!  A tired little MU fan.  He just doesn’t know that yet. 🙂  I wonder how big he’ll be compared to the ball next time we do pics.

Justin, Beth, and Griffin, you made my day!  Nuff said!