Busy busy busy!  Two year old shoots are always interesting. The two year old is more wild animal than human.  20% human 80% wild animal.  Yup, that sounds about right!  During the shoot I’m mostly running around changing things up and trying to be really interesting to the littles.  Sometimes it works, but most the time I’m just chasing them around trying to get the shot.  There are rare moments like below when my timing is impeccable because a half a second later little Autumn was running!  Away!

Oh the challenges of capturing little wild animals, I love it!


Sometimes I get the parents involved by holding them captive.  That works for a few seconds.


Don’t let these photos fool you into thinking she’s as angelic as she looks in these pictures. Remember, she’s a wild animal!


Momma Erin loves watching Autumn put on her shoes, and Autumn is oh so proud that she can do this alone, so momma Erin brought a bunch.  I thought this was a genius idea, she sat still for like 2 minutes.  And it’s so cute, because it’s obvious Autumn is already obsessed with shoes!


You can’t see it in the pics but she climbed on the trunk and dropped each ballon off then got off the trunk and put them all back up on top, then climbed on top and dropped them all down again.  BUSY!


Being a wild animal two year old is a short lived phase of a littles life.  I love that I was able to capture these moments for Erin and Greg!