Meet Madison.  College bound and ready to end her high school career and move towards becoming a doctor.  She’s athletic, smart and beautiful.  I immediately liked Madison for her dynamic personality and huge smile.  We clicked, and I had a blast spending the early evening as the sun was setting taking pictures of her being Madison.


Madison is all smiles, but every once and awhile she would turn and give me something right out of a magazine!  Gah Madison you are so gorgeous!  Are you sure you want to be a doctor, you could definitely do well as a model or actress.  Just kidding. 🙂


m3 m4 m5

Words can’t describe how much I love these senior pictures.  I loved taking them, and I loved working on them, and I loved sharing them with you.  Have a beautiful weekend!

And Madison, go out and change the world…I know you will!