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Beyond the shot, is a warmth

Newborn baby boy


Taking pictures of newborn babies is such a great honor for me.  There aren’t many moments in life when you are so full of mixed emotions, exhausted, but unable to sleep, happy, but scared, and in love, the kind of in love that is impossible to understand until you experience it yourself.  I loved becoming a mom, twice.  If raising a newborn weren’t so much work, I would probably have a dozen.

Sibling pics can be quite the challenge especially when they are only 2 years and 2 months apart.  This little moment will be cherished by this family forever.

I think the perfection of newborns is in the little imperfections.  Little Maddox loved to scrunch up his forehead, so much so that I know he probably did a lot of scrunching up his forehead in his first months of life before making his official appearance.  And just look at those lips.

Being a newborn photographer is the best part of my job.  It is also my most important job.

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Lauren Nixson ~ Her story of suffering and strength


A year ago today Lauren’s love went out hunting like he did a million times before.  It was an especially cold day, and Lauren was reluctant to let him go, but Adam loved duck hunting so much even a nasty winter day couldn’t keep him from the lake.  They kissed goodbye, and Adam gave his two young boys a goodbye hug.  Lauren told me she remembers those last moments together as a family, she remembers how they felt perfect, and full of love.

photography, mother son

Adam didn’t make it home that night, he left behind his loves, but his legacy will live on in these three remarkable people.

mother son photography

Lauren was my first nurse in the hospital after having Kellen.  We hit if off immediately, and stayed in touch after I left the hospital,  so when she posted on facebook that her husband was missing of course I wanted to help in any way I could.


family photography
Over the course of a year I have watched Lauren suffer with every emotion imaginable.  I can’t understand what she’s gone through, what it must be like to lose your husband, your best friend, and the father of your children, but I have watched Lauren go through it, and I’ve watched her come out on the other side. Lauren’s strength, her vulnerability, her willingness to now reach out and help other women suffering the same hell she went through is nothing short of a miracle.  I adore this woman, and consider her an inspiration.  This shoot was a thank you gift.  We need more Lauren’s in the world.  Her boys Miles and James suffered a tragic loss as well, but they are going to be just fine because their mom is one bad ass lady!

mother and son picture

I love you Lauren, and I’m lucky to know you.  My heart aches for you today.

I send you and the boys all my love.




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Baby Keegan ~ Newborn photographer ~ Lee’s Summit baby photographer

Meet little Christmas baby Keegan!  I’ve know Keegan’s momma Sarah since she was a tot herself.  We started our relationship at Sierra Stables in Indep, riding horses, and participating in a local 4 H group. Yup.  I was a 4H er.

It’s hard to believe she is a mother now, and a great one at that.

Little Keegan was a dream baby during our shoot at my home studio in Lee’s Summit.  He slept and cooed, and did all the most perfect little baby things.

And did you notice all that newborn baby hair.  I just couldn’t get enough.

I never force a baby into a pose, but little Keegan felt so comfortable with his toes up under his arms.  Like he’d been sitting like that for months.


Sarah you are going to have such a great time with little Keegan.  He will be the greatest experience of your life.


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Maternity Photography

I am blessed to get get to work with many families with hearts of gold.  It one of the perks of my job.  Not only do it get filled with joy doing what I love, but I get to be around awesome people that are out changing the world!

This family stole my heart, and I feel like one lucky photographer being picked to capture this very special time!

I got really really lucky with this maternity photo.  With kids those ages anything is luck! 🙂


What an adorable couple.  Even after being pregnant 3  times he still adores her!

maternity2 maternity3

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NBA player, or high school senior?

Some guys just have it all!   Marcus is one of those guys, a 4.0 honors student, all state athlete, and awesome personality, he’s going places!  I’ve had the honor of watching Marcus grow up , now 6’9″ and looking more like a man than a boy, thank goodness we have the images to help us remember.

Marcus has big plans to pursue a career in medicine, studying at one of the schools he’s being offered a full ride!


This year Marcus helped his team go to state in basketball and win!  For the first time in Blue Springs South history!


Marcus has a heart of gold.  I think the way a son loves his mom tells a lot about his character. 🙂

marcus3 marcus4

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