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Beyond the shot, is a warmth

Lees Summit Airport

If you’ve been with me for awhile you might recognize this little family.  I’ve been photographing the Parish family for years, and every time we capture beautiful pictures of genuine love.  Now that Autumn is bigger her sassy silly side is starting to show, and I think it’s awesome.

Greg recently got his pilot certification so when I suggested we do their shoot at the Lees Summit airport they were all over it.  I think it was the first time Greg was excited for the photo shoot.

It was a gorgeous summer day in the middle of the day, which makes light tricky for me, but we managed to use the planes and big walls as bounce light to capture some amazing moments.

par1 par2 par3 par4 par5 par6 par7

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Girls got it all!

She the triple threat, so smart, so beautiful, and such a big personality!  Meet Laura, a Blue Springs senior ready to take on the world.  And I have no doubt she will.  She ambitious, smart, beautiful, and she’s got a gigantic personality, which is my favorite trait.  With dreams of becoming a surgeon and a future at Mizzou, this girl is going to change the world.  Our shoot was full of laughter, funny faces, and lots of beautiful images.  I had 15 more picked out to share, but no time, here are just a few of my favs.  Laura you were a blast!  Here’s a blog post for you girlfriend!



Such classic beauty.  I should mention that Laura looked so good she got hit on during this shoot by an interesting downtown dweller.  She handled it like a champ.  I’m pretty sure if it would have gotten bad she would have just taken off her 4 inch heel and gone to battle.


She reminds me so much of a model!  GAH!

laura3 laura4 laura5 laura6

These pictures showcase the beautiful fierce side of Laura, but really she’s goofy through and through.  I adore her!

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6 months of perfection

baby picture

I get it now.  I didn’t before, but now I get it., how you can totally lose yourself in the love for your child.  I admit I judged women that lost their identity when they became a mother, but now that I’m a mother of a beautiful boy, I get it.  I think these pictures of baby Tristan and momma Rachel best show the lost love that mommas feel for their littles.

rh2 rh3 rh4 baby picture

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The big TWO!


I joke that photographing 2 year olds is much like herding cats, but I’m not really joking.  Most of my parents come into the studio nervous for their 2 year old shoot because they know their two year old doesn’t exactly follow directions…ever.  And its totally ok.  I let the kids run and move and jump on things, and I capture the faces and expression in between those fun things.  Yes, photographing a 2 year old is a challenge, but it’s also a great age because the emotions I capture are so very real.  They haven’t learned the camera face yet, and their not afraid to show you their ugliest faces, which sometimes turn out to be the best expressions.  Sometimes I have to ask myself what do my clients want and need in these images to help them remember their two year old, just as they are.

This is little Eleanor and she is 2 and so full of life.  I had the honor of documenting these precious moments in her life.  I hope you enjoy.

2 year old picture 2 year old photo

I get pretty attached to my families and the Aversman family is one of those families.  Unfortunately new opportunities are taking them away from KC. 🙁  But hopefully not before I get to photograph baby #2.  Another surprise!  I can’t wait!

I’ll miss you guys.  Maybe I can take your pics when you visit!

family picture two year old

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Baby Ben

I have to admit, photographing 6 month olds is probably my very favorite.  At 6 months old our little babies develop happy bubbly personalities.  And they can’t crawl, which makes my job so much easier.  🙂  Little Ben was in a great mood.  He was all smiles and so much fun to photograph.  I loved our time together.

dinkel1 dinkel2 dinkel3 dinkel4 dinkel5

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