Allison Carenza

Beyond the shot, is a warmth

Haley’s senior pics

Haley Cash is a fantastic athlete, excellent student, and did I mention she’s absolutely gorgeous.  Like model gorgeous!  Like I could have been photographing a runway model!  And I loved our time together, in fact I’m in love with these images!  Haley you are awesome and even though it was a hot evening, you totally rocked!  Fierce, but happy, and authentic through and through.

She wanted senior pictures that were original and different just like her, and I think we were able to accomplish that!

hc1 hc2 hc3 hc4 hc5 hc6 hc7

Haley I love these images and I hope you do too!



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Allison and Mike and their obvious love…

I started to type and retype this blog a couple times, because really it’s hard to sum up the love Mike and Allison have for each other.  I mean most of the day of their wedding, they didn’t even notice me because they were so lost in each other.  Let me back up.  Allison is a horse girl just like myself, so I insisted she and Mike, and Jon and I, go have dinner to talk wedding stuff because really I just knew we would click, and we did like we’d been friends forever.  We met at Westside Local for dinner, it was the first time I’d met Mike, and my first impression was that he’s one of those guys you could call if you did something really bad and needed help.  The kind of friend that doesn’t judge, so yah, I liked him a lot.  But even more obvious was his adoration for Allison.  Anytime he looked at her he had those goofy madly in love eyes that melt Allison.  I loved it!  And Allison was just as smittin.  Giddy about the wedding, and their future together.  They made it clear that whatever happened in their life they would have each other and that’s all that really mattered.  It’s like Allison and Mike love each other for exactly who they are.


The wedding and reception were held in downtown Lees Summit at The Stanley.  The owner and coordinators are awesome!


We did their first look and pictures before the wedding at Unity Village.   This was their first time seeing each other as husband and wife!





Allison you are fiercely gorgeous!



After the wedding we went on the roof of The Stanley to capture some photos in the golden light.

Ad the night wore on the party raged on.  More and more rowdy. 😉
am10 am11 And it might have ended a little criminal!  Oh how I loved photographing this wedding!
am9Allison and Mike you will be so happy together!  It’s obvious!

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Family photos

Summer is finally here, and with it comes beautiful light, long days, and hot hot sun!  I meet the Vinson’s at Unity Village in the late afternoon for their shoot.  It was hot, but everyone was in an awesome mood.  Ayden was all over the place just like a 2 year old should be, Jenn and Joey were also all over the place chasing Ayden, and Brady was happy just sitting and watching it all go down.  I love this family!  It seems like just yesterday I was taking Jenn and Joey’s maternity pics, time is flying!

venn2 venn3 venn4 venn5 venn6venn1

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6 months and growing

It’s alarming just how fast 6 months go by!  It seems like just yesterday I was taking Krystal and Nic’s maternity pics, now Hudson is almost crawling.  I love watching my clients grow up, but it reminds me of just how fast quickly life passes us by, and just how important it is to live in every moment.  Which is just what we did at the Boggs’s shoot.  We laughed, cracked up really at all of Hudson’s cute antics.  I love my job.  Taking pictures is my passion, but working with my clients makes my life awesome!

boggs2 boggs3 boggs4 boggs5


boggs6 boggs7

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2 year pics

I’ve been taking Lindley’s pics since she was just a week old.  Now she’s two, with a huge personality and bright eyes that scream I want to have fun.  Taking pictures of a two year old is a trip.  I find it’s best to just find a location where we can be moving, constantly.  And moving we were, here, there, and everywhere.

I met Marisa, Cory, and Lindley at Antioch park in KS, a new location for me, but I loved it, so many great photo ops with great light, a beautiful pond, and little ducklings too.


When I’m photographing a 2 year old I have to be fast, and usually I don’t have any idea what I got, really, so I just keep shooting and hoping I captured that moment, the one that best represents the little.  I totally think this image represents Lindley at this time in her life.  Beautiful.


Maris is such a great momma.  LIke mother earth. She’s amazing  What a great moment.

And there’s Lindley biting that bottom lip again.  So cute.


Most of the time we were chasing Lindley and trying to keep her from joining the geese in the pond.  This kid has no fear, and she’s fast.


Love this moment.  We had to chase down Lindley a couple times, but we manages to pull one off.

rob1rob5Oh how I love photographing 2 year olds.  Lindley you’re a doll! xoxo

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