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Beyond the shot, is a warmth

Senior Pictures

This is Ryan and he is not your typical teenager.  What is a typical teenager anyway?  Would it be the high school cheerleader type, the jock, the computer geek?  I think the point I’m trying to make is that there is no such thing as a typical teenager.  It’s the nature of the beast.  Teens are flooded with influences, and feelings of uncertainty.  That’s why I like them.  They’ve got all the confidence to achieve everything and anything. Ryan is no different.

Ryan’s mom found me on the internet and liked my style because she said it was different.  I love that!  She knew Ryan wasn’t a big fan of having his pictures taken and knew it would take edgy photos to get him to cooperate.  Edgy is just what we went for, and Ryan totally cooperated, minus the smiles.  Despite my greatest efforts Ryan wouldn’t give me more than a smirk.  I even popped out from behind my camera and said boo.  It’s ok though I think portraits are at their greatest when they are real.

Here’s the smirk!

Ryan thanks for letting me capture you in this important phase of your life.  I wish you the biggest and brightest future!

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~ Elizabeth ~

This is Elizabeth!  She is the most photogenic, patient, loving 5 year old I have seen in a long time.  We captured so many beautiful pictures that I had a very hard time picking which ones to share.  Here are a few of my favorites.

This is Thomas her dad and Ashley her step-sister.  Poor guy is out-numbered all the time.

We did a whole bunch of pictures with this hat and they came out adorable.  If you’re planning a shot with me soon the hat is a great idea for the older kids.  Gotta love the side ponytail too.

I’m really into capturing the kids in their true essensse.  I think this one really reflects Elizabeth as the quiet and sweet little girl she really is.

Gotta love pockets in the dress!

This is her mom Marsha and she is just as beautiful as the girls.

This shoot was really all about Elizabeth but as you can see the whole family is beautiful!

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Aspen Colorado

Aspen Colorado might be one of the most beautiful places on Earth.  Big blue skies, untouched mountains, and perfect snow.  Jon and I were lucky enough to go ski this awesome mountain.

Jon is such a cutie!  He is addicted to skiing even more than me.  Most of these pictures were taken on the same day because we only had one day of solid sunshine.

Aspen  is one of my new favorites for a couple reasons.  First of all it’s not busy at all, secondly it is dark, and I like a good challenge.  Finally I love that the mountain literally runs right into the middle of the town of Aspen.  The Gondala that takes you to the top is right in the middle of everything.  I love that.  I also love that the people were all about making our experience pefect.  They helped us load our skis on the Gondala, gave us hot cider and granola bars, for free, and they always greeted us with a huge smile.

The above pictue was taken at Snowmass the big mountain a short shuttle ride away from Aspen.  That’s another great feature about Aspen, their public transportation is perfect.  We didn’t wait once!  On this particular day the clouds were sitting low on the mountain, so Jon and I stayed on a run called campground.  It was a long black, covered in powder, but not too many bumps so Jon was happy.   No one was around so we had a blast with this run to ourselves.  We started the long run in a cloud, but ended it in the sun.  There are several other shots of campground to come.

On our last day on the mountain we made a plan to meet at this lift.  Well Jon hit a slick spot and missed the turn and ended up at the bottom.  I didn’t know and ended up at the lift.  No worries until he didn’t show up for 5 minutes.  He’s never 1 minute behind let alone 5.  That’s when the worrying started.  All the worst images started popping up in my head.  I sent our friend Ron to go on up so he could try to find him, hopefully not sprawled out on the ground somewhere.  I’ve been in this position before when my dad got injured and I waited for 15 minutes before my family came and told me what happened.  Luckily we have cell phones now!  When I finally heard his voice after 3 missed calls it was all good.  I was at the lift for about 30 minutes waiting for him to get down and back up and back down to me.  I was the only person at this lift with these 2 hilarious lift managers.  The above picture was the dancer.  He had Lady Gaga blasting and he was dancing up a storm.  Very entertaining!

More of Campground.

Jon and I spent most of our trip on Aspen we liked it so much.  We would take the Gondola up and ski all the way down.

Thanks for reading my blog, have you ever skied Aspen?  What’s your favorite mountain?

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~Spring Special! Mom/Grandma Brag Book~

This spring I’m offering a special special for all the moms and grandmas out there.  Schedule a shoot between now and mothers day and get a free brag book complete with 10 of your favorite images from the shoot.  This book is small enough to fit in your purse, but durable enough to last.  The perfect gift for all those loving, hard-working, much deserving moms and grandmas.  Give me a call or drop me an email and we’ll find a time for your appointment.  I hope everyone is ready for spring, because I know I am!

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Jenny and Steve

I love taking pictures of bellies!  I think women that are pregnant are magical.  Below are pictures of Jenny and her man Steve!

Jenny is so excited to be a mom, but she was hesitant about having her maternity pictures taken.  It was actually Steve that convinced her.
Steve called me to book the appointment, and made me feel like a million bucks.  He went on and on about how artistic my photos are.  It made me feel amazing.  It’s not often the hubbys and boyfriends notice the artistic photos.  Thanks Steve, you made my day!
Jenny  you are stunning!
Love the light on this one.
There were so many of these I couldn’t pick.
Love it!
Little Savannah has since been born and is a beautiful healthy girl.  8lbs  9oz and 19.25 inches long.
Steve and Jenny CONGRATULATIONS, I hope you are doing well.  I can’t wait to meet Savannah!

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