Children Photography

Apr 28, 2010 · In Children Photography · By Allison Carenza

Meet the Yoders!  There are two things I love about this picture.  First the obvious adorable family.  Second the great wardrobe selection.  I am a MU grad and will always have tiger pride good times, and bad.  MIZ

This is baby Claire, and she really is this adorable in person.  She was crawling all over the place during our shoot in this particular shot she just happened to look up and give me the “What's up” look.

Do you even need comments for this pic.  She's adorable.  Especially the big bow.

What's that you say?  Oh yah I know.

Look at me mom I'm standing up!   Just one and already independent.  Watch out world.

You would have thoughts she just stuck her hands in a bag of fun dip, but no somehow fingers always taste good when you're just one.

And now you know where Claire gets it.  Amy is an amazing mommy.

What we didn't realize is that little Claire was actually getting sick.  I had a hunkering because she was up and down the whole shoot and desperately hungry for those little foamy things.  What are they called.  They look and feel funny, but taste decent.  I had to post this because, well it's just cute.  Poor Claire.  I promise we won't use this one in your graduation slideshow.   haha JK

Amy, Colby and Claire I had so much fun taking your pictures even though you weren't feeling your best Claire.  I can't wait to take some more when little baby two arrives.  wink wink  Thanks guys.  Lots of love!