Apr 5, 2010 · In ArtisticTravel · By Allison Carenza

I love traveling!  I love taking pictures of my traveling.  In fact travel photography is probably my big passion.

Jon and I went to south Florida for a spring break this year!  Everyone with me now ahhhhh.....  Ah is right, we stayed with my best friend and little sis Maggie!  Mags is a photographer as well.  She does amazing work and I know those of you that have followed my blog for awhile have heard me talk about her alot.  I encourage you to check out her work if you have the chance.  She's the best wedding photographer in the world and was recently choosen as one of the top 10 wedding photographers in south Florida.  She is a real inspiration to me. www.maggiestolzberg.com Anyway enough talking about the amazing, loving, perfect mags, let me tell you about the pics.

Of course we picked the gloomiest day to go south, but the treat of continued rain the rest of the week  pushed us to go when we did.  As it turned out we had happy Florida sun almost every day.

Jon and I took an airboat ride.  It was awesome.  http://travel.yahoo.com/p-travelguide-2819920-miccosukee_indian_village_airboat_rides_miami-i For only 12 dollars we got a loud, fast and fun airboat ride.  If you don't mind the cotton balls, and the fact that the guide can't speak english, it's the best.  We saw a ton of gators.  I got some crazy pics of a few.  Just wait, it's kinda scary.  Maybe I should put one of those warnings on here.  Ok here it is!

Yup that was a for real sign.  They have to tell people not to touch them!  I think those people might be me.  Just wait.

During our boat ride we made a stop off at this worn out old dock.  They told us to roam around.  I'm not going to lie, the thought that this was some sort of dirty trick did cross my mind.  I thought maybe that's how the Native Americans kept the gators happy.  Tourists as gator food.  We walked around and saw some gators.  smile!  If you think it looks like it might fall apart you're not seeing things, I thought that too.

Here she is, and yes I'm using a zoom, but still leaning out over the rickedy planks to get an unobstructed shot.  NOW that I look at these pics I'm not thinking it was the smartest thing I've ever done.  If my memory serves me right I think I remember in the crockodile hunter that they can be real fast and snappy.  Maybe gators are more laid back, look at this next pic.

She was sleepy..

I know close right.  I didn't even crop this.  ahhhh.  Look at that skin.  Makes you want to reach out and touch it right?  Jon had to tell me to step away from the gator.

This big girl was actually about 10 feeet long.  I told Jon to put a hand out so we could get perspective, but he wouldn't.  Silly boy.

And then this was at the backside of the dock.  Maybe you have an answer?

Here's goober one and goober two.  We always manage to look so cool in our pictures.  I just don't know how we do it.  haha!

If you made it this far thanks for reading or looking.  I would love to hear your gator stories.  YOU know you've got them!