Newborn Pictures Photography

May 20, 2010 · In Newborn Photography · By Allison Carenza

Remember beautiful Mecia with the prefect belly.  Well this is her baby Jonah.  He is big and beautiful.  We had a great time taking his pictures even though he wanted to eat the ENTIRE time.  That's what makes newborns a challenge.  Being that these little guys have only been on Earth a few days  or weeks it's hard to predict their mood.  Jonah's mood was easy... hungry.  Despite the hunger we managed to get him to go to sleep for a bit and caputre some perfect pictures.  Here are just a few.

Jonah's daddy Ashely is a war hero. He was a marine and was in Iraq when we declared war.  He was literally the first on duty.  Ashley is still recovering physically and emotionally but you can't tell.  He is a super loving father who has embraced fatherhood with an open heart and tolerance.  Every new parent needs that.  When I met Ashley during maternity pics I had no idea he was a hero.  Now that I know I'm a little star struck.  Seeing celebrities doesn't do much for me, but meeting someone like Ashely that fights for our country, puts his life on the line for us, now thats cool!  Thank you Ashley.  I hope you know you are appreciated, and even better, Jonah is going to grow up to be so proud!

Teeny Tiny hands!

Ok I said he was hungry, but he was also tired.

Again look at that itty bitty hand!  He's got some long fingers though!

Mecia, Jonah, and Ashley thank you for letting me spend a few hours with you hanging out, and taking a few picutres too.