Boys and their dogs

Jun 9, 2010 · In Dog Photos · By Allison Carenza

I've been excited about doing this blog post for awhile.  If you just looked at the pics you're probably wondering why.  Well this post is all about Anthony, a handsome, 17 year old guy who happens to have Autism.  When Liza his aunt,  one of my beloved clients, contacted me and told me she wanted pics taken of her autistic nephew I was excited and nervous.  She told me she couldn't remember the last time he'd had his pics taken and she wanted to surprise her sister Angel who has devoted her life to Anthony and helping other kids with Autism.  Wow!  Liza was preparing me for anything and everything that Anthony might do and then she asked if he could bring his dog.  A one year old boxer pup.  I'm pretty sure my eyes got big at that point but I agreed to take on the challenge and actually thought it would be fun if not funny to watch.  Shooting dogs is always funny to watch.

The day of the photo shoot Liza told me she had talked it over with Anthony and he was excited.  I will just say he was perfect, hilarious and all around good fun!  He did everything and anything I asked.  I tend to make lots of weird faces and say ridiculous things during shoots to get people to relax.  At one point Anthony was giving me a look.  So I asked, “Anthony you must think I'm totally weird”?  His response, “No actually I think you're pretty cool”.  Well at that point he had totally won me over, so I gave him my complete A game.  We had a blast.  We talked about his favorite band Green Day.  His favorite things to do, x box.  We chatted this way and that.  Then I told him to say something funny so he said,  “Zombie Apocalypse” and started laughing.  I mean really laughing the kind that makes wrinkles in the corners of your eyes.  Here's him thinking about something funny.

Here's him laughing after saying it.

Then there's Daisy the dog.  One of the best behaved boxer pups ever.  She loves Anthony and Anthony loves her.  Look and see for yourself.

When we got done I asked Anthony if it was so bad?  His response...”Actually this was more fun than x box”.  Tear

Anthony you are such a stud, what a great face!  Thanks for being a great model.  I'll take your pics any chance you give me.

Side note/Funny story:  Despite my efforts some of the Daisy hair remained on the floor the next day at my shoot.  I turned to the client and said sorry if there is some hair on the floor we shot a dog in here yesterday.  Man you should have seen their faces.  Priceless!  I quickly explained.  I love my job.