Newborn Photography

Jul 22, 2010 · In Newborn Photography · By Allison Carenza

Baby Hunter at just a week old.  I know newbies can't smile on purpose, but I swear this little guy is.

The newborn “style”  is the sleepy baby all curled up in a basket with their eyes closed.  I love that look, and I know that most the time newborn have googly eyes because their muscles have not yet developed, but I like pictures of newborns with their eyes open, and closed.  Especially when we can get them both looking the same direction.

Just notice the sock fuzz on his itty bitty toes.

You may be thinking Hunter looks like a peaceful little guy, but I have a feeling he's going to be a tough guy someday.  His dad Travis competes in strong man competitions and he's no little guy.  But, holding Hunter he melted like butter.

I love the hammock shot but a lot of people out there seem to think I just hang the little tike in midair.  Not the case, for you worried mommas out there.  Actually Sarah is holding the bottom of the hammock and Travis is holding the top and his back.  Jon is the backup.  Safety with the newborns is always my first concern.

Don't forget to notice the little monkey toes.

I love this last shot, and I love that I got to work with such an awesome family.  I feel like I've known Sarah forever, I look forward to many more photo sessions.