So much LOVE!!!

Oct 28, 2010 · In Family Pictures · By Allison Carenza

When Nikki contacted me a few months ago about doing pictures, she was excited, nervous, and a little unsure.  I could hear it in her emails, so  when she told me her son was born with EEC syndrome, and explained that he's missing some fingers and toes, and was also born without tear ducts, I understood why.  She also told me he's a shy little boy and she wasn't real sure how the pictures were going to go.

Well let me just say I think I'm in love with Brady.  He smiled, laughed, grinned, and worked the camera like it was his job.  I think or maybe hope he had a little crush on me.  Most of the pictures I  captured that day are of him grinning ear to ear, but I picked this one to share.

You see, Brady might be handicapped physically because he doesn't have all his fingers and toes, but his heart is full of enough love to make up for it.  When I took this picture I got chills, but at the time I didn't know why.  When I opened it I realized he was looking right through the camera at me.  He didn't let the camera act as a barrier like most people.  He connected with me.  Brady has the special ability to really see people.

His big sister Morgan is the most loving, supportive sister anyone could ask for.   I'm sure it's hard for her at times being the sister of a brother with EEC, but she didn't seem to all.


And the kids aren't the only ones that make this family special.  Mike and Niki were all laughs.  I decided to vote Mike top male model of the month.  For real,  check it out!  And Niki, you're a strong beautiful woman!

PS these are untouched in photoshop.  They really just look that good.

Talk about beautiful.  Mike couldn't keep his hands off his wife.  He kept saying, “Man you are gorgeous, you are so hot”.  What a lucky lady.

Some families just have it, and the Voight family is one of those lucky families.  Enough said.