High School Sweethearts Photographer

Oct 21, 2010 · In Dog Photos · By Allison Carenza

They fell in love roaming the halls of their high school.  Their love was real back then, but like many young loves it didn't last.  They both moved on and moved away from each other.  But seven years ago when Sharon's brother passed away, they were reunited.  The timing was right, and they fell right back into the easy rhythmn of love they had in high school.  They've been going strong ever sense.

I meet Sharon through Silpada.  She's the most amazing rep. and I fell in love with not only the jewelry, but also Sharon.  Sometimes you just know you're meant to be friends with someone.

It wasn't until later I met Tony.  He works for the KCPD.  That alone wins him some big points with me, so when Sharon told me the story of the t-shirt he moved right up to the top where I keep Buddha, Dali Lama, Jesus, and Maggie.  Here's the story, I guess they were shopping at Cargo Largo.  Those of you from Eastern Jackson County totally know what I'm talking about.  For everyone else, it's a warehouse with lots and lots of random leftovers companies don't want anymore.  I guess Tony came over to Sharon all excited with this T-shirt with a camera on it telling her they needed to get it for me.  It's the same shirt you see on my facebook page.  Thanks Tony!  I love that shirt!!!

Typically guys lose interest in pictures about 30 minutes in, but Tony was game the whole time.  He did a great job of making Sharon giggle at all the right times.  And he loves photography.  I guess he's worked with enough forensic photographers that he really understands light.  He kept explaining to Sharon why certain shots wouldn't work.  Pretty Funny.

Here's where it gets real.  I've gotten to know Sharon this last year, and her strength comes from overcoming many obstacles in her life.   Obstacles most of us never dream of.  I can't even get into them all here, you'll just have to have a Silpada party and see for yourself. Click Here!

I will tell you this, even though I don't want to cause it hurts, and because I don't think I can adequately describe her strength.  Sharon's dream of a family was almost a reality when she lost her baby in the 3rd trimester.  The shock of the loss left her empty, but being as resilient as she is, she filled the void with the love from her dogs.  It's amazing how animals can fill the empty spots that even loved ones can't.  Her babies make her family complete.

Rocky is 17 years young.  He's been there for Sharon in times when she was all alone.  Their bond is something special.

I'm always in awe of strong people  like Sharon  that are so willing to expose the soft, tender, still aching spots in their heart.  This is something I'm not good at.  Sharon and Tony I'm lucky to know you!