Finding Joy

Nov 10, 2010 · In About AllisonDog Photos · By Allison Carenza

My dogs have found their joy.  It comes in the form of little brown pellets that smell nasty, but apparently taste delicious to them.   Every day from 2-4 anytime I get up to do anything they are at my feet, hoping it's time to get a little bit of their joy.  Lucy spins wreckless circles, and Layla jumps up and down repeatedly on her hind legs. It's annoying to me, and most days I look at them and say “not yet”!  But sometimes, I just laugh. When it is finally dinner time they gobble up the food in seconds, go outside, come back in, and lick the bowls, just in case.

Watching them every day gets me thinking about joy, and how easy it is to have it taken away, and how hard it can be to find.  I recently let someone steal my joy, but just for a little second.  I felt bad, and even worse, bad about myself.  Like I had failed.  It was all in my head of course, but for that half day my joy was gone.  So, I did some reflecting, some yoga, and then decided that in 5 years I wouldn't even remember this situation.  If only it was as easy as pouring some brown pellets in a bowl.  I was indeed able to reclaim my joy fairly fast, but it was all on me, and for some I know it's not that easy.  Right now, during this  crazy holiday season joy is all around us.  I love the family time, the parties with friends, the decorations, the food, but when all that's gone and the deep gray winter sky settles in, it's easy to lose sight of what's important... my joy!

So, to help me remember here is a little list.

Jon, puppies, family, friends, PHOTOGRAPHY, my work, wait is that the same?, Diamond horse, a clean house, travel, reading, eating, I love food, making new friends, learning about a new culture, helping someone in need

That's a pretty good list, I'm pretty sure there are lots of other things, I'll just have to add as I go.  I have a lot to be thankful for, and when I look at this list there is no reason I should ever let someone take my joy!  I hope you do the same.