Snow days are great for dreaming!

Jan 11, 2011 · In Artistic · By Allison Carenza

It's the jumping off part that's scary.  You're standing on the edge with the lightness of possibility in front of you and the darkness of what you know to be true behind you.  You know the darkness isn't the life you would choose given the choice, but jumping still seems harder.  There is no safety net, no one comforting you or guaranteeing you'll be ok, and you know you'll fall.  So do you jump?

This is exactly how I felt when I decided to leave my comfortable teaching career to pursue my dream.  As it turns out I didn't fall to my demis, instead every fall, stumble, or lost way, lead me to a greater understanding that I was indeed doing the right thing, and that I would be ok.  Even as I write these words there is a little voice saying, no one wants to hear this, they'll just say dreams are for dreamers.  I have to hush those voices EVERY DAY!  So today I'm going to write these words and push send in the hopes that someone will read this and think dreams do come true, and happiness is a choice.

Taking pictures makes me happy so today I snapped a few of the snow.   The weatherman says if feels like -15 so I didn't even leave my deck, but I can't post without pics. 🙂  Happy Tuesday everyone!

The puppies are only outside for about 30 seconds at a time.  They made a path down the side of the fence where the snow is shallower.  They walk about halfway down the fence where their path ends go to the bathroom and walk back along the path to the house.  Spoiled.