Infertility Awareness

Mar 14, 2011 · In Maternity Photos · By Allison Carenza

It's becoming more and more common for women to come to my studio with stories of the challenges of getting pregnant.  When I see them, they are overcome with joy, they love everything about their bodies.  Just relieved to finally be pregnant.  They are the happiest pregnant people.   But their stories make me realize just how much luck goes into having a baby.  So when Allison Spencer one of my amazing, awesome, clients told me she was going to start an infertility support group, I was more than excited to share this with my friends and followers.  It's just been a few months, and already Allison and her group have a free conference planned.  There are going to be speakers, panels, and give aways, including a sitting with me.  I look forward to watching as great things come from this group.