Newborn Photography

Jun 30, 2011 · In Newborn Photography · By Allison Carenza


It doesn't happen often, but lately it seems the baby gods have blessed me with the most wonderful newborns in the world.  Seriously floppy!

Little Alex was no exception.  No wait, he was the exception.  Exceptionally perfect!


Maybe it's the fact that he came early.  A week early to be exact.  We actually took these pictures on his due date.  During what started out as a routine visit for his mom Danielle turned into an emergency c-section, when they couldn't find his heartbeat for 30 minutes.  And he wasn't moving.  They offered to let Danielle deliver naturally right then, but she quickly refused and opted for the c- section.  She was feeling the gravity of the situation, and with good reason.

Even though he was born with the cord around his neck he was also absolutely healthy!  False alarm.  🙂


He even threw in a few smiles for me!  Unbelievable!


Check out those back wrinkles.


We moved him from here to there and never without a peep.  Danielle hadn't fed him in hours and we didn't even fed him once during the shoot.  In fact we barely had to change his diaper.  I'm starting to think I need all babies a week early!  LOVE!


All my hats were a touch big, but still adorable.


Since Danielle can't drive for a couple weeks I went to her for this shoot and it was so much fun!  I'm so looking forward to meeting the rest of the family in a couple months!  Danielle you are so much fun!