A really rad 14 year old!

Aug 19, 2011 · In Children Photography · By Allison Carenza

Last Saturday I had the opportunity to meet one of the radest 14 year olds ever!  Not only is he good looking, a nationally ranked track star, and super cool, but he was nice.  Really nice.  What a fierce combination.

Meet Lj.  He popped a few moves for me before the end of the session.  He's a great dancer too!

And yet, he's still a kid with braces and he knows it.  I love his humble and real attitude about life.

He didn't really want to cheese up the camera at first, but I was in a silly mood, and he couldn't resist.  🙂

These are actually his dad Lonnie's sunglasses.  I thought they looked great!

LJ, I have no doubt you will achieve great things.  Take care of yourself as you go through these hard years.  We're all cheering you on!