Newborn love! Photography

Nov 22, 2011 · In Maternity PhotosNewborn Photography · By Allison Carenza

We laughed...the whole session!  And it wasn't me.  Kristen is so funny, and oh so happy to be pregnant!  She's a military momma.  She's smart.  And she spends most of her time in a man's world.  So she's kinda a tom boy like me.  We immediately had a connection and if she weren't moving away soon we would be friends for life.  🙁

Did I mention she's stunning, gorgeous really!

It was lucky that we got the maternity pics in even because little Brandon was born several weeks early.  Just 2 weeks after our maternity session.  This is where the story gets good because Kristen wanted to have a natural birth.  As long as she could handle it.  Well she could.  From start to finish she was done is just a few hours, and she describes the experience as great, easy even.  WOW!  Most of her labor was spent in a meditative state and she really listened to her body, even to the point of having them move the bed sideways so she could just stand right up until the delivery.  What a woman, and an inspiration.  Not because I think she's tougher, or cooler for not using medicine, because someday I will definitely use the pain killers, but because she did what she wanted and listened to her heart.

Little Brandon was so relaxed during the shoot.  He had two priorities, eat and sleep.  He was awesome the whole time, even if he cried a little.  🙂

Look at the chubby little cheeks.

Kristen, I'm so sad you're leaving.  I have a feeling Brandon is going to be a beautiful boy!