The Perfect Pair! Wedding Photographer

Jan 3, 2012 · In Wedding Photos · By Allison Carenza

Rose was searching, for her knight in shining armor, her best friend, tall, dark, and handsome.  And she wasn't willing to settle for anything less than the man of her dreams.  So when she met Dana for the first time, she knew he was the one.  Dana was just as smitten.  After a few dates he admitted to Rose that the first time he saw her across the room, his eyes popped out of his head, much like Roger Rabbit the first time he saw Jessica.  Wowza!

It may have taken them awhile to find each other, but now that they have, they aren't wasting any time.  They just love to be together.  Dana loves to make Rose laugh, and Rose loves to watch Dana do his thing.  She's all smiles when he's around.  Their wedding was about bringing two people, and two families together.  It was joyous, beautiful, and all about their bond.

You can't ask people to look this cute.  It just come naturally to them.

There was music on, and she was jammin!

Dana with his wonderful and sweet mother.  They are so close, they need each other, as much as we need air to breath.

Yup, Dana making Rose laugh.  I think he's singing to her.

And this picture says it all.  Dana with Rose's boys.  It's all about the family.  So happy I'm the one that gets to capture these priceless moments.

I love you Rose, Dana, Garrett, and Dalton!  So lucky to know you guys!