Goal Check

Jul 9, 2012 · In About Allison · By Allison Carenza

So it's July and I need to review my January goals.  If I'm being honest I haven't even peeked at these, but they're always there.  Up in my head.  Let's see how I've done.

Ongoing goals

1. Grow my business, I mean really grow my business. That means following up with clients, asking them for referrals, and being brave enough to put myself out there. Part of this will come from being a part of a business networking group.  

Yup!  This one will always be on my goal list.


New Goals for 2012...

3. I'm working with some of the most ambitious women in the world to start a charter school for kids with low IQ's.  They receive no help in the public school setting and it's just not fair to anyone.  I still have a very soft spot for teaching and I hope to help if I can.

We had a pretty good run at this, but didn't get it off the ground.  I still want to keep it on the goal list even though it might have to wait a year.

4. I have an invention I'm working on.  It's slow going, but one little step at a time.  I hope to have a working prototype this year.

YES!  I have my CAD drawings, my virtual prototype and the next step will be to have a working prototype.  I'm right on schedule.

5. Jon and I are building a shopping cart for photogs.  It's in the BETA phase, but we want to share it for free with options to upgrade.

Proof Pg. is moving right along.  Jon is so talented.  I have tried 2 different online type photography management systems and both weren't cutting it. We hope to have ProofPg. running by years end.

6. Still need to find someone to help out with the workload, but I'm getting so close.  

YAY for Victoria!

7. I hope to get more commercial work.  I need to put myself out there.

I'm on the fence about this one.  Part of me wants to push myself in a way only commercial photography can, but part of me loves having all the creative freedom of working for myself.  I had a custom portfolio box built so I can start filling it with my most favorite images.  And there's talk of another trip to NYC for a commercial shoot in Aug/Sept.


8. I love tennis as most of you know and I want to see Jon and I go to nationals in Palm Springs again this year.  And win it!  Totally not a professional goal, but I had to throw it out there.

Overall I feel pretty good about this list!  I just need to keep on keeping on!

Much Love my friends!



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