Lil turns one...

Aug 20, 2012 · In Baby Photography · By Allison Carenza

Sometimes the most unexpected surprises are the very best.

Kara and Josh were high school sweethearts.  But like most high school sweethearts, they went on to college, separated.  They each found other loves, and had new relationships, and even lived on opposite ends of the country.  But something  pulled them back together years later, when they both discovered they were again living in their hometown of KC.  The relationship picked up just where it left off, and it wasn't long until they were sharing a space on the plaza, a small apartment, perfect for two people comfortable close to each other.

They didn't really worry about getting pregnant.  They didn't have to.   Josh was told at a young age he was more likely to grow a third arm than get someone pregnant.  He was even with someone for 5 years and nothing.

But fate is funny sometimes, and what seemed impossible, was suddenly very possible when Kara took a pregnancy test and found out they were indeed having a baby.  Josh was beyond excited, and Kara was confused, surprised, maybe a little scared, but excited too.

A self proclaimed prippy (preppy hippy).  Kara is a natural momma, adoring every moment of motherhood.

It's been fun watching Lil grow up this year.  It seems like yesterday she was a newborn.  (pics here) Especially seeing her personality expand.  Now that she's one she's got enough personality for 3 one year olds.

I love this little girl!

I had to include this picture because to me it's the most important picture I took during our session!  I love it, and hope this is a family heirloom.