Smiley Little One

Aug 17, 2012 · In Newborn Photography · By Allison Carenza

Ok, honestly I've started this post several times only to delete it, and start again.  I just don't want to come off unappreciative, or, I don't know, bitchy.   I'll try one more time, and if I don't get it right I'm just going to post the pics and let you enjoy this beautiful boy.

I post pictures of sleeping babies, or babies really content, but I don't post pictures of the in between times, when the baby is awake, uncomfortable from gas, or just wiggly.  Those times happen more than the sleepy times.  I always strive to get the baby sleepy, but it doesn't always happen.  And sometimes the parents come in expecting their baby just to sleep the shoot away, but it isn't always the case.  And they feel bad, and I try to make them realize it's normal.

Take this little guy.  🙂 Like a lot of newborns he is a gassy little guy, that's also a light sleeper.  So I would get A shot and then have to take a break for 15 minutes to get him relaxed again, or to help him work out the gas.  I love those minutes in between.  I get my baby fill, I also get the chance to bond with the parents.

For the shot below I spent about 10 minutes adjusting the blanket, moving his fingers, and positioning his face, so it was just right.  Getting the perfect shot just takes time.  And I love it!

This little guy happened to be a big time smiler!

I love a sleepy baby, but I don't mind a fussy baby, or an awake baby.  I just love working with the babies.  And each and every one is so different, and so perfect!