Senior Photos

Nov 21, 2012 · In Senior Pictures · By Allison Carenza

I'm loving my work right now.  I mean I'm always loving my job, but right now I'm in a finding myself as an artist phase.  I go through this phase every so often, and while I'm in it, I'm frustrated, and hungry for more, but when I come out of it, I've usually discovered something more about myself as a photographer.

That's why when Scott told me he wanted to do his senior pictures at the Independence Events Center where he plays competitive hockey I was game on.  I knew it was out of my comfort zone, but that I could totally rock it.  I wanted to give the images an editorial feel.  And with the limited access and lighting I think we were totally about to accomplish that.

I packed my Acute 600 pack, beauty dish, small soft box, and grid and hoped for the best.  I wanted to blend the ambient light with the strobes, and I was pretty successful with that, but then we found a big black curtain and I decided to do some more edgy, dramatic light type shots.  Like the one below those turned out to be my favs.   I had so much fun working with Scott.  He's an outstanding kid, with a world of potential, and a heart of gold.  I could take his pictures 7 days a week.  I hope you enjoy the images I captured.  Have a wonderful day before Thanksgiving!

With the shot on the right I knew I wanted to use the lights at the top of the arena to highlight his cheekbones.  It did a great joy while the strobe was above and camera right.