Love and Basketball

Mar 13, 2013 · In Wedding Photos · By Allison Carenza


It was a cold and drizzly March day when we did Kim and Will's engagement session.  Kim picked her parents house, because it's beautiful, and because to her it's all about family.  Her parents were there in the background watching the MU game, observing the shoot,  I'm sure feeling very amused, and happy to see their little girl so happy.

It's fitting that the MU game was on in the background during our shoot.  Kim and Will first met at a college basketball game.  Now it's a big part of their relationship.

Next month they'll tie the knot on Will's family farm with all of their family watching.  It's all about the family with these two and I can't wait to watch them start their own family!

Love the love!


Dear can't stop me!


Kim you are gorgeous!!!!  Bring it girlfriend!




I love this couple and I loved our time together!  Can't wait for our shoot!!!!